Construction Update 7/1/10

To: Campus Community

From: Gregory W. Bressler, Vice President, University Facilities

Announcing the Closure of Parking Lot 30
As a part of the reconstruction of West Quarry and Carlisle Roads, on Tuesday, July 6th we will be closing this parking lot, which is at the northern end of Carlisle Road.  This lot is a component of the aforementioned project. This part of the larger project will replace the present parking on both sides of the roadway with new road along the western side of the present parking area and a single row of parking along the eastern edge of the road.  The new road and parking will be separated by a new curb.  While this change will reduce the surface parking capacity, it will significantly improve the safe flow of traffic along Carlisle Road.  Parking Lot 30 will reopen in late August 2010.

Update on College Avenue Promenade Project
On Tuesday, July 6th , we will begin the work on the plaza between Kasser Theater and College Hall.  This portion of campus will be fenced for construction, allowing pedestrians to walk along the retaining wall between Red Hawk Way and College Hall and the center of campus.  Also we will be relocating the USPS mailbox and the FedEx box from southwest of College Hall to the sidewalk near the Campus Shuttle and NJ Transit Bus Stop on Red Hawk Way.

Update on the New Student Housing and Dining Facility on the North End of Campus
The number of deliveries of construction materials to the New Student Housing and Dining Facility site will be increasing as of Tuesday, July 6th , with the start of the delivery of the pre-cast concrete members.  Further, the construction of West Quarry Road Road will continue with Campus Police directing the traffic flow in this work area.