Spring & Winter 2013 Payment Deadline

Payment Due:  Winter December 10, 2013

                               Spring  January 7, 2013

Electronic Bills: Electronic bills (eBills) have replaced all paper bills for Montclair State University students. Tuition bills will not be mailed. Once the eBill is prepared, a message will be posted to Blackboard and the Bursar web page announcing that the eBill is available to view and/or pay via the Student Web Enrollment Student Services (WESS).  An email may also be sent to the student's official University e-mail account. 

eCheck: Electronic payment via eCheck is available on WESS. The eCheck option is a fast and convenient method to pay eBills directly from a personal checking account. There is no charge to pay by eCheck.

*Please note: There will be a $60 fee assessed for all returned/rejected e-check payments due to incorrect information i.e.; invalid account number, can not locate account, non-sufficient funds, stop payments, etc. Your payment may be posted to your MSU account initially, but if a transaction is submitted, and your bank cannot process for any of the above reasons, that payment is returned to us as "unpaid" your payment will be removed from your account as a result and a $60 fee will be assessed. Please double check your entries including your CWID to ensure they are entered correctly before submitting your payment.

SallieMae Installment Payment Plan: MSU offers payment plans through SallieMae. Students can enroll for 1 semester at a time. This plan is interest free and available for a modest fee. Enrollment is available for a limited time.   These plan require  that the first payment be made upon enrollment

Winter 2013

2 payment(s) beginning December  01, 2011
Payments Due on: 12/01, 01-101-3

Spring 2013

·          5 payment(s) beginning November  01, 2012
Payments Due on: 11/01, 12/01, 01/01, 02/01, 03/01

·         4 payment(s) beginning December01, 2012
Payments Due on: 12/01, 01/01, 02/01, 03/01

·         3 payment(s) beginning January 01, 2013
Payments Due on: 01/01, 02/01, 03/01

·         2 payment(s) beginning February  01, 2013
Payments Due on: 01/01, 03/01

You may enroll through: the link via your WESS Account Summary; online at Sallie Mae; speaking to a TuitionPay consultant by calling (800) 635-0120. If you choose to enroll in a payment plan, it is the student’s responsibility to check his/her MSU WESS student account online at wfs.montclair.edu to keep the plan up-to-date. If your payment plan account is under-budgeted, a hold will be placed onto your account which may prevent registration and/or release of your transcript.