Blackboard Coming Of Age At MSU

The Office of Information Technology announces the full integration of the Registrar's course data on the SIS system with Blackboard's Course Management System (Bb). This dynamic link to class roster information provides daily-updated information for each class, including names and email addresses of each member of the class, and any "drops" or new registrants. Using the Blackboard Course Management System, faculty can add an online learning component to their class by initiating class discussion lists, posting class handouts and announcements, sending emails to class registrants, and more.

Students who log-in to Blackboard have access to information for each of their registered classes. Professors can post grades for each assignment and even final course grades on Blackboard, each student having access to view only their specific grade information.

A pilot project with the School of Business led to the full integration of the system in the fall of 2003. The number of faculty using Blackboard for course management is growing. Approximately 33% of MSU courses (932 out of 2,864) are active participants. The technology integration specialists in the Information Technology group, under the direction of Ms. Patricia Kahn, the Training Manager, available to support faculty using this new system and they are developing new and creative services and expand productivity.

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