WMGS Statement of Solidarity

The WMGS Program stands in solidarity with the LGBT Center and our GLBTQ Studies Program, as well as with those who say NO! to homophobia and to all forms of intolerance and scapegoating.

While we were not able to help those who have chosen to end their young lives so full of promise, we can do our best to educate and empower ourselves and others to help prevent such incidents in the future.  We encourage all of our students to educate themselves about ways to think differently, and help the world to truly become affirming of human differences.


Fawzia Afzal-Khan, Director of Women and Gender Studies

Gil Zicklin, GLBTQ Studies Coordinator

Viviana Bernal, WMGS Program Assistant

Angela Almonte WMGS Student Assistant


In Memoriam 2010:


Tyler Clementi (18 years old)

Seth Walsh (13 years old)

Asher Brown (13 years old)

Billy Lucas (15 years old)

Raymond Chase (19 years old)

Aiyisha Hassan (19 years old)