Spring Financial Aid/Transfer Students

The Office of Student Financial Aid has not yet awarded Spring Transfer students.  We will begin awarding aid within the next two weeks. Please check your WESS account then.  While you are waiting for your aid to be awarded, you can go to www.studentloans.gov and sign your Master Promissory note and complete your entrance counseling for your Stafford loans. Please make sure you are signing in with your Social Security number and the PIN number that you used to sign your FAFSA. You are signing the Master Promissory note for the subsidized/unsubsidized loan.

If you are a Graduate Student that also has a PLUS loan, you need to also sign the Promissory note for the PLUS loan. 

Also, for NJ Residents that wish to receive the Tuition Aid Grant, please go to www.hesaa.org and complete the Additional 2010-2011 information in order to be considered for the TAG grant. The State of NJ will inform you and Montclair State if you are eligible and the amount you are eligible to receive.


 Thank you,

Office of Student Financial Aid