Purchasing Card (Pcard) Program Changes

Please be reminded that the Purchasing Card (Pcard) Program was designed to allow for the direct purchase of small dollar items through the use of a University purchasing card.  However, certain items are restricted from purchase regardless of dollar value.  The Purchasing Card Program - Cardholder Procedures Manual (http://www.montclair.edu/media/montclairedu/financetreasurer/forms/p-card/P-card_manual.pdf) has been updated to reflect the addition of the following to the list of restricted items/payments:

Desktop, Laptop and laser printers
Gift cards and gift certificates
Lottery tickets
Purchases from eBay

As noted in the program’s Cardholder Procedures Manual, violations of the policies will result in the cancellation of Pcard privileges.

Any questions regarding Pcard policies and procedures should be directed to Liz Blades at extension 4402.