Montclair State Graduates Participate in Education Satisfaction Survey

Montclair State graduates have strongly positive attitudes about the University and the value of their education, as shown by the results of the American Council on Education’s (ACE) 2010 survey of recent college graduates.

In several key areas, Montclair State graduates reported even higher overall levels of satisfaction than did their counterparts from colleges and universities across the country, although in other cases the national level was higher. 

ACE surveyed 400 graduates (25-39 years old) of two-year and four-year institutions and then conducted identical surveys of 400 graduates of 22 individual colleges and universities, one of which was Montclair State.

Here are the highlights:

*95% of Montclair State graduates reported a favorable overall impression of the University, compared with 88% nationally.

*89% of Montclair State graduates and those surveyed nationally believe that their college education was worth the time and money dedicated to it.

*81% thought they were charged a fair price for their college education compared to 76% nationally.

*78% felt that upon graduation they were effectively prepared with the knowledge and skills they needed, compared to 81% nationally.

*73% of Montclair State graduates responded affirmatively when asked if their undergraduate college experience adequately prepared them for their current jobs, with 14% saying “exceptionally well,” 21% saying “more than adequately,” and 38% saying “adequately.”  This compares to 85% nationally who felt they were adequately prepared for their current jobs.

*73% said if they could begin again, they would once again choose to attend Montclair State, compared to 79% of the respondents nationally.