Recent Montclair State Graduates Participate in American Council on Education Survey

Results Reflect and Exceed National Trends

December 13, 2010—The American Council on Education (ACE) today released results of a 2010 survey of recent college graduates (25-39 years old) of two- and four-year institutions about their undergraduate experiences.  Montclair State University alumni participated in this survey, with results that reflect—and in some cases exceed—national trends.

The survey reveals that graduates across the country hold an enormously favorable view of the value of their college education, and Montclair State University tracks positively with that national response.  Among the Montclair State alumni who were surveyed:

      •    95% reported a favorable overall impression of the University, compared to 88% nationally.
•    89% of the Montclair State graduates and those surveyed nationally believe that their college education was worth the time and money dedicated to it.
•    81% thought that the University charged them a fair price for their college education compared to 76% nationally.
•    78% felt that upon graduation they were effectively prepared with the knowledge and skills they needed compared to 81% nationally.
•    When asked more specifically if their undergraduate college experience adequately prepared them for their current jobs, 73% said yes, with 14% saying exceptionally well, 21% saying more than adequately, and 38% saying adequately, compared to 85% nationally who felt they were adequately prepared for their current jobs.
•    73%, compared to 79% nationally, answered that if they could begin again, they would once more choose to attend Montclair State.  The reasons indicated by those who said yes were:
             34% - the academic experience was fulfilling
             20% - the campus culture and atmosphere were a good fit for me
             19% - the campus location was preferable
             13% - my degree has helped me in an important way
             11% - the cost of attendance

When asked about the most important role of colleges and universities, Montclair State graduates, and graduates nationally, agree that the two most important roles are to teach students how to learn and think critically, and to prepare students for employment.  The survey results report that the most important factors to graduates are those related to the quality of the education they receive.