The Many Faces Of The Spanish Speaking World

The Many Faces of the Spanish Speaking World, a year-long series of events focusing on the diversity of Spanish-speaking peoples and cultures around the world, will start Monday, September 20 with the first entry in a film festival.

The first film will be "Amores Perros" (Mexico, 2000)., in which Mexican director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu uses an intricate screenplay by novelist Guillermo Arriaga to tell three interwoven tales-- a young man in love with his brother's pregnant wife, a perfume spokeswoman and her married lover, and a scruffy vagrant who sidelines as a paid killer all united by a devastating car crash.

The film will be screened twice on Monday September 20, at 5pm and again at 8pm in Mallory Hall Room 155. There will be a discussion at 7:30pm led by Vincenzo Bollettino of the Spanish/Italian Department.

The second film in the series, "Nine Queens," from Argentina, will be screened Monday October 18, and the third film "Butterfly," from Spain, will be screened Wednesday November 10. Each film will be screened twice to accommodate both the campus and the community schedules, with a commentary and discussion in between led by an MSU faculty member. All films are in Spanish with English subtitles. These events are free and open to the public.

The series is co-sponsored by the Global Education Center, the Spanish/Italian Department, MSU Art Gallery, the Latin American Students Organization (LASO), Sprague Library, the WomenÂ’s Center, the School of the Arts and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It will include lectures, exhibits, demonstrations and concerts in addition to the film festival.

For further information on the series, please contact Wendy Gilbert-Simon at 655-4185 or