S.A.V.E. Week Begins Monday, March 28

Students Against Violence Everywhere, Presented by Bonner Leader AmeriCorps

Schedule for the Week

Monday, March 28: Online Bullying

•    Movie Night @ 7pm in Rec Center: “Odd Girl Out”

Tuesday, March 29: Verbal Abuse

•    Skits Production based on real life scenarios @ 4pm in Bohn Hall

Wednesday, March 30: Abusive Relationships

•    Self-Defense with MSU PD @ 8-9:30pm in Rec Center and 2:30-4pm S.C. 417

•    Healthy Communication in Relationships Workshop by CAPS @ 11:30am-12:30pm in Kopps Lounge, Russ Hall

Thursday, March 31: Hate Crimes

In partnership with GLBTQ Safe Space Conference and Health Promotion
To register for any Safe Space Conference events please contact Amie MacMath at macmatha@mail.montclair.edu

•  10:00am-11:15am: GLBTQ Safe Space Training
Session Facilitated by: Amie MacMath, LGBT Center  & Dr. Marie Cascarano, Health Promotion
This Safe Space Training will be an opportunity for new volunteers to be trained and current volunteers to "refresh" their training and knowledge. The session will explore the history and need for the Safe Space program, terminology, the coming out process, the trans community, and more.

•   11:30-12:45pm: Hello My Name Is…
Session Facilitated by: Laura Penna, Masters of Counseling Candidate
“Hello my Name is” is workshop about what it means to be a gender fluid person in a world full of labels and how you as an ally can share your support. During this session, participants will explore current trends in gender fluidity, be introduced to relevant terminology and learn to navigate the seemingly daunting sex and gender spectrum.

•   1:00pm-2:15pm: Lunch & Open Q & A Discussion
Session Facilitated by: Amie MacMath, LGBT Center  & Dr. Marie Cascarano, Health Promotion
Participants can visit the Cafeteria on the 2nd floor, the pizzeria and sushi bar on the 1st floor or the Red Hawk Diner located behind the Student Center to buy lunch. Feel free to bring your lunch back up to the conference room and have the opportunity to ask questions, problem solve, and discuss challenges and successes with each other.

•   2:30pm-3:45pm: Beyond Safe Space: Taking "Ally" to the Next Level
Session Facilitated by: Terry Thomas, Sam Klugman, Jonathan Dator -- CAPS Externs
This workshop is geared towards allies who want to learn more about ways to address issues of bias, insensitivity and prejudice. Using case examples, role play exercises and real world experiences, participants will explore the ways they can become more effective allies in their communities.

•   4:00pm-5:15pm: The Pink Elephant In the Room: Intimate Partner Violence Within the GLBTQ Community
Session Facilitated by: Dr. Lyndal Khaw, Assistant Professor --Family & Child Studies
Intimate partner violence is a serious social health problem that affects men and women of all races, socioeconomic statuses, and sexual orientation, yet it is often an invisible problem in the GLBTQ community. This session explores some of the common myths about violence in the GLBTQ community, the dynamics and effects of violence, and common barriers to help-seeking in the community.

•    Trevor Project (in association with Sigma Lambda Upsilon) @ 7-9pm in UN 1030

For more information contact Krystal Woolston at woolstonk@mail.montclair.edu