Verizon DSL Internet Connection Problems

The Internet connection problems to Montclair State from certain Verizon residential DSL service areas continues.

Please note that the sporadic connection failures are a result of a network routing problem within Verizon's residential DSL network and *not* a result of any security or configuration changes made to University-owned equipment. All other residential DSL, cable modem and dial-up service providers continue to connect to the domain without incident.

The MSU-ISP dial up service (available for free to all Montclair State students, faculty, and staff) can be used in the interim until Verizon has corrected the DSL connection problems. Users may call the Help Desk at (973) 655-7971 to find a dial-up number in their local calling area. The list of MSU-ISP phone number, along with instructions for setting up a dial-up connection, are also available at the following URL.