Update On Verizon DSL Issue

Verizon continues to work on the residential DSL routing issues that have been causing intermittent connection problems to the montclair.edu domain for many of their customers. Over the past 48 hours we have seen some positive signs that Verizon has recognized the problems in their DSL network and are actively working on a solution.

Though it has been stated previously it should be reiterated that the source of these connection problems lies somewhere within Verizon's DSL network and was not caused by any configuration changes to Montclair State's computing environment. Nevertheless, over the past week OIT Networking staff have "sat in" on numerous conference calls between our users and Verizon DSL tech support to ensure that the technical aspects of the problem were understood and demonstrated effectively.

It is hoped that Verizon can correct any remaining connectivity problems as quickly as possible, and OIT wishes to thank users who invested several hours of their own time and allowed OIT to join in on their tech support calls to Verizon.