School of Business Participates in New Jersey's First Lemonade Day

School of Business students partner with local community youth for New Jersey's first Lemonade Day

On Sunday, May 1, students from Montclair State University’s School of Business will team up with more than 400 young local entrepreneurs to participate in New Jersey’s first Lemonade Day, a national program that teaches children how to start, own, and operate their own business through the simple and time-honored act of building and running a lemonade stand.

Lemonade Day will feature lemonade stands managed and operated by children from the YMCA of Montclair, Boys and Girls Clubs of Newark, Newark public schools, the Bradford School in Montclair, and several other community partners. The stands will be located in towns and cities around Essex County.

“Montclair State University is pleased to be part of this first Lemonade Day event in New Jersey,” said E. LaBrent Chrite, dean of the School of Business. “Lemonade Day is a great opportunity for students, families, youth organizations, the local community, and businesses to come together to train the next generation of entrepreneurs through a free, fun, engaging, and experiential activity.”

Montclair State business students began working with groups of area grade school students earlier this year to develop business plans, secure investors, set marketing goals, create a product, and design and construct lemonade stands. The program provides the children with both hands-on business experience and real life skills as they learn to “spend a little, save a little, and share a little.”

School of Business volunteer Nicole Maddela has been working with 65 students at Oliver Elementary School in Newark introducing them to Lemonade Day, setting goals, investing, designing stands, and creating ads. “I really love how outgoing, receptive and eager the students are to learn about Lemonade Day, being entrepreneurs, and business overall,” she said.

Once they have covered their expenses and paid back their investors, the children are encouraged to open a youth savings account and donate a portion of their profits to a local charity of their choice. In 2010, the children who participated in Lemonade Day nationally poured over 5 million glasses of lemonade and donated more than $2 million to charities.

First launched in Houston in 2007, Lemonade Day was inspired by the lessons local entrepreneur and philanthropist Michael Holthouse taught his young daughter and her friend when they set up a lemonade stand. Since then it has grown to a nationwide program, and this year Lemonade Day will expand to 28 cities.

Lemonade Day in Essex County is generously supported by Investors Savings Bank and King’s Supermarkets.