Smashburger Competition

Students of the Montclair State University School of Business recently joined forces with the national food chain Smashburger to develop a marketing strategy for the brand that would appeal to the college scene.  John McGinnis, professor in the Department of Marketing at the School of Business invited students in his "Independent-Owned & Franchised Retailing" course to tackle this business challenge as part of their course work.

The process began in mid-January when the students were briefed on the assignment and divided into teams.  The students were challenged with coming up with a creative and compelling way to tap into the college community and stimulate first time trial in Smashburger’s five new locations in New Jersey without the use of coupons.  The competition came to an end on April 28th when the teams presented their plans to executives from Smashburger.

This competition was so successful that a full-scale program will be developed to launch in mid-September for up to 48 business students.  The concept of this competition, which is loosely patterned after the successful television program, “The Apprentice,” will be called The Intern.