Scholarships Abound On The Mount For Italian Majors

It pays to take Italian at Montclair State University

Everyone knows that, in this ever-changing global community, learning another world language just makes sense. Well, now, students majoring in Italian language and culture at Montclair State University are finding out that success in Italian class can easily translate into dollars and cents. This academic year, for example, $3000 in scholarships are being awarded to students who have declared a major in Italian and have demonstrated proficiency in the target language. The scholarships will go to deserving students who are at varying points in their course of study at Montclair State University, from the first semester of language study to graduating majors.

"The Most Promising New Italian Major" for $1000 will go to Ms. Catherine Allora, who declared an Italian major during her first semester of Italian, and who is, according to Dr. David Del Principe, "one of the brightest Italian language students here and who excels in every way." This award is offered to her thanks to the generosity of Mr. Joseph Pitocco and the UNICO Passaic Valley Chapter. "The Coccia Institute's Student Achievement Awards," for $250 each, will go to Mr. Sean Mulachy a Music major, Ms. Anisa Robo, an Italian major, Mr. Robert Ottogalli who is majoring in both Italian and Latin, and Sr. Helen Louise Sanchez, a Spanish teacher who is pursuing a second degree in Italian. These students have distinguished themselves not only for their superior work in the classroom, but also for their special individual talents, according to the faculty. Mr. Joseph Coccia, the co-founder of the Joseph and Elda Coccia Institute for the Italian Experience in America, will personally give those awards to the four recipients. The Hearts-Marinelli Scholarship for Summer Study Abroad, for $500 will go to Ms. Anisa Robo, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Vincenzo Bollettino. In addition, the Festa Italiana of New Jersey is awarding its "Outstanding Graduating Senior Studentís Prize" of $500 to Ms. Shanna Di Cristo, who has majored in both Italian and History, and has contributed greatly to oral history research on the Italian American experience. "All students studying Italian should know about these wonderful opportunities. These awards can serve as added incentives to study the language and to be a good student," said Dr. Andrea Dini, the coordinator of the basic Italian language program.

Incentives to take Italian abound, indeed, from exciting courses in Translating, Commercial Italian, Italian and Italian American Cultural Studies, and Italian Cinema and Literature, to certification in the ever-expanding field of Italian Teacher Education. Being an Italian student, then, can be profitable and, quite simply, fun. Class outings, lectures, and events are often planned by the faculty, and the Coccia Institute is hosting a student symposium on April 23rd, only the latest in a long line of interesting cultural and social engagements. In addition, the AMICI student group is constantly growing in numbers, due to successful initiatives like the Carnevale bash last month.

While the UNICO Passaic Valley Chapter and the Festa Italiana of New Jersey will have their own private ceremonies, all the scholarship recipients mentioned above will be honored at a student concert organized by Dr. Enza Antenos-Conforti of the Italian faculty and Dr. Gina Miele, Director of the Coccia Institute on Wednesday, March 30th, at 2:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall of the Music Building on the MSU campus. Vocal selections from Italian operas and popular music will be featured, and the program will be followed by a light reception. The concert is free of charge and open to the general public and the university community.

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