New Dance-studio Program Debuts Fall 2011

BA in Dance Education, Studio-teaching Concentration To Help Prepare Students to Teach In or Own and Operate Dance Studio

Photo by Mike Peters

A new Studio Teaching Concentration in Dance Education for aspiring dance studio teachers and owners will be offered by Montclair State University’s Department of Theatre and Dance beginning in the fall 2011.

The new concentration, which leads to a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance Education, is the only one of its kind in New Jersey and aims to meet the growing demand among dance students for training that will prepare them to teach in and/or own and operate a dance studio. “For many of our students, teaching in a studio is their primary career goal,” said Dr. Elizabeth McPherson, coordinator for the B.A. in Dance Education. “With this new concentration, we hope to support our dance majors more fully and more completely in pursuing their dreams.”

In addition to 59 credits in dance, students in the Studio Teaching Concentration must take 12 credits in business courses and 18 credits in education, including a one-semester internship at a dance studio.

Dr. McPherson noted that there are no license requirements for dance teachers in the private sector. “By offering a concentration in dance studio teaching, we hope to enhance the quality of dance studio teaching, and also to provide a ‘stamp of approval’— a kind of credential that prospective students and their parents could look for when shopping for a private sector dance studio,” she said.

The University currently offers a B.A. in Dance Education with P-12 Teacher Certification for those who plan to teach in public pre-school, primary and secondary schools, as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance for students with performing or choreographing as their primary career goal.

Students in the Studio Teaching Concentration have the option to apply for the concentration in P-12 Teacher Certification in their sophomore year, or may remain in the studio teaching concentration.