Student Parking Registration

Registration Information for Academic Year 2011-2012


I am pleased to provide you with information relative to the Parking registration process for the 2011-12 Academic Year.  I ask that you carefully read this entire e-mail, as it contains a great deal of important parking changes.

1.  Parking Permit Options and Changes to Lots  (a link to an updated parking map is included at the bottom of this e-mail.)
  • Commuter Student Parking -- The following information pertains to Commuter Students only:
    • Commuter Student Permit Options:
      • General (yellow) surface lot permit which will enable you to park in all general (yellow) surface lots and the CarParc Diem deck.
      • Zone 3 permit for the new Lot 60 located north of the Village at Little Falls on Clove Road.  The Zone 3 permit will be sold at a discounted rate and shuttles will be available at the Lot 60 location to provide access to Main Campus.
      • Juniors, Seniors and Graduate students only will have an opportunity to purchase a Red Hawk Deck parking permit.  Junior status is defined as 60 earned credits at the time of parking registration.  Please note that the supply of Red Hawk Deck permits is limited, and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • New Jersey Transit Deck parking permitPlease note: NJ Transit permits will only be available for purchase after the other three permit options (see previous three bullets) have sold out.
      • Note:  Commuter students may opt to pay a daily fee to park in the Red Hawk Deck or in metered paces.  Please be advised that space is limited for those choosing a daily (non-permit) parking option.
    • Commuter Student Lot Changes:
      • General Lot 21 - Located near the new Heights residential complex, Lot 21 will be a general (yellow) commuter lot, and results in an additional 109 parking spaces.
      • General Lot 23 - Located adjacent to the Yogi Berra Museum, Lot 23 has been returned to the parking inventory, and will be available for general (yellow) commuter parking.  This lot results in an additional 67 spaces.
      • General Lot 60 - As noted above, Lot 60 contains 475 parking spaces and has been designated as "Zone 3 Commuter Parking".  Zone 3 permits will be sold to commuter students at a discounted rate.  Commuter students who opt for a Zone 3 permit will have access to shuttle service from Lot 60 to the Student Center.
      • General Lot T1 - The T1 lot is no longer available to commuter students as it is expected to be removed from the parking inventory at some point during the fall semester for a construction project.  Until that time, T1 has been designated as a restricted lot.
      • General Lot 30 - Lot 30 (along Carlisle Road) is no longer available to commuter students.
  • Resident Student Parking -- (Residential Permits are available ONLY to Junior, Senior, and Graduate Residential students.*)
    • Zone 1 Residence Hall Permits
      • The Heights, Bohn, Blanton, Webster and Stone Hall Residents - Students eligible for on-campus parking who reside in The Heights, Bohn, Blanton, Webster or Stone Hall are now part of "Zone 1". The purchase of a Zone 1 permit grants you access to park in Lot 22.  These permits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.  Please note: Once Zone 1 permits sell out, eligible Zone 1 residents will be authorized to purchase a permit for the Red Hawk Deck while supplies last.
    • Zone 2 Residence Hall Permits
      • Village at Little Falls, Hawk Crossings and Sinatra Hall Residents - Students eligible for on-campus parking who reside in any of the residence halls located along Clove Road are a part of "Zone 2".  The purchase of a Zone 2 permit grants you access to all of the residential parking lots in that vicinity of campus including: Lots 27, 29, 41 45, 46, 47, 48 and 49
    • Red Hawk Deck Permits
      • Freeman/Russ Residents -  Parking-eligible students from Freeman Hall or Russ Hall can purchase a Red Hawk Deck permit. These permits are limited in number and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.
      • Zone 1 Overflow - As noted in the Zone 1 section, above, if Lot 22 sells out, eligible resident students who live in The Heights, Bohn, Blanton, Webster or Stone will be able to purchase Red Hawk Deck permits on a first-come, first-served basis.
*To qualify as a Junior, one must have a minimum of 60 earned credits at the time of parking registration.
    • Resident Student Lot Changes:
      • Lot 5 - Formally a resident lot located near Russ and Freeman Halls, Lot 5 will now be dedicated to Full Time Faculty/Staff.
      • Lot 41 - Located just south of Hawk Crossings on Clove Road, Lot 41 has been converted to a Resident Zone 2 parking lot to accommodate students living in any of the residence halls on Clove Road and provides an additional 17 parking spaces.
      • Lot 22 - Located by Yogi Berra Stadium, Lot 22 has been assigned to Zone 1 residential students and provides an additional 103 spaces.
      • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR RESIDENT STUDENT PERMIT HOLDERS:  The following non-residential parking lots, which are located near particular residence halls, are available to all residential students with a valid Zone 1 or Zone 2 permit on weekends from Friday at 5 pm until Sunday at midnight:  Lot 5, Lot 21, Lot 28 and Lot 28 South.
2.  Changes to Parking Policies and Procedures
It is the responsibility of all students who procure a parking permit to read and agree to abide by the Parking Polices and Procedures document (see the link at the end of this e-mail).  I wish to highlight a few of the more significant changes that have been incorporated this year:
  • Parking Citation Appeals - Not all citations are eligible to be appealed.   All citations that can be appealed are required to be submitted on-line.  Please visit the Citation Appeals section of the 2011-2012 Rules and Regulations for further information on citation appeals.
  • Methods of Payment  - The Parking Office (located in the Red Hawk Deck) no longer accepts credit cards as a method of payment in person.  The office accepts cash or check only (similar to the Bursar's Office).  Credit cards can be used on-line via the Flex application to pay for citations or permits with MasterCard, American Express, Discover or you may use your bank account to pay via e-check.
  • Permit Expiration - Permits will expire on May 31, 2012.  If you need park on campus during the summer months, a summer permit can be purchased late in the Spring semester.
3.  Schedule for Student Parking Registration
Permits can be obtained on-line (see link below) and as per the posted schedule

Please be reminded that junior status is identified as those students with a minimum of 60 earned credits at the time of registering for parking.

Note:  Freshmen and Sophomore resident students do not have access to parking Monday through Friday.  If you wish to file a Parking Exceptions request for a parking permit, please see our form at:

Important links:
Our evolving campus has necessitated a number of changes and updates to the parking program. I hope that this e-mail has been helpful to you; however, if, after reading it and visiting the link to the 2011-2012  Parking Policies and Procedures, you have any questions, I ask that you e-mail us at  We will respond promptly to all questions.


Tim Carey
Assistant Vice President
Facilities Services