Parking Registration Reminder!

The Fall semester begins in exactly two weeks!  As detailed in previous communications we have sent to you this summer, Parking permits are on sale  (please see the letter we sent out a few weeks ago at

  • Commuter Students: General Commuter Permits (which includes the CarParc Diem deck and commuter surface lots) and discounted Zone 3 Permits for Lot 60 are available for sale, but are limited in number.  Please note that we have sold out of Red Hawk Deck permits for Junior, Senior or Graduate commuter students.
  • Resident Students: Zone 1 Surface Lot Permits (for eligible Heights and Bohn Hall students) have sold out.  Zone 2 Permits (Village, Sinatra and Hawk Crossings) are available for sale, but are limited in number.  There are also a limited number of Red Hawk Deck permits available for Junior, Senior and Graduate students residing in Freeman Hall, Bohn Hall and The Heights.
Beat the rush - purchase your permit now!  Delivery takes 3-5 business days, so there is still time to make your online purchase and receive your permit before the semester begins.  Avoid waiting in line --   Buy your parking permit online

Reminder:  If you plan to pay for your permit via credit card, you are required to make your purchase on-line, as we are unable to accept credit cards in the office.  We do, however, accept cash and checks in the office.

Best wishes for an enjoyable final weeks of summer!

Parking Services