May is Better Speech and Hearing Month

What is a Speech-Language Pathologist?

Speech-Language Pathologists are professionals who specialize in the identification and treatment of communication disorders. Conditions which result in speech and language problems affect 42 million Americans. Many people with communication disorders can lead full and productive lives, with appropriate intervention. Our goal as professionals is to educate the public that help is available. For more information on the role of the Speech-Language Pathologist, please visit The American Speech and Hearing Associationís Q&A website at

What is Better Speech and Hearing Month?

One in 10 families is affected by a communication disorder. Since 1927, Speech-Language Pathologists have made a special effort during the month of May to inform and educate people about hearing, language and speech disorders. Employment of Speech-Language Pathologists is expected to grow rapidly through 2012 because of the expanding populations of aging Americans (US Department of Labor, 2005).

Montclair State University's Communication Disorders Center is a clinical setting designed to provide assessment and treatment for all disorders of communication. We are an active part of the campus and local community possessing a variety of innovative assessment and intervention modes.

If you or someone you know is having difficulty in communication, please schedule an evaluation to determine how we may help you. Contact Nancy Munck, Communication Disorders Center secretary. Phone: (973) 655-6917. Email: