Learning Competencies Workshops - First Series - Fall 2011

In our continued efforts to provide comprehensive academic development services to the students of Montclair State University, the Center for Academic Development and Assessment has scheduled the First Series of Learning Competencies Workshops – Fall 2011. The students are encouraged to attend the CADA Workshops where they can experience a learner-welcoming and student-centered atmosphere and enhance their chances for academic fulfillment. For more information about days, times and a location, please visit CADA’s website at: http://www.montclair.edu/cada/acaddevelopment/learningcomp.html

The First Series of Learning Competencies Workshops Schedule – Fall 2011

The workshops will focus on the following areas:

What It Takes To Be Successful
Discover ways of becoming an active, confident and thriving learner to attain academic achievement and a timely degree at Montclair State University.

Time Management and Study Skills 
Explore the benefits and importance of making appropriate use of time, planning and staying organized.

Strategies for Academic Achievement
Explore active learning skills for becoming a confident college student. Learn how to prioritize. Become a critical reader to master college materials. Discover effective note taking methods for different disciplines.

Effective Note-Taking and College Reading
Explore helpful reading, note taking, and listening skills.  Learn more about the SQ3R and the Cornell System.

Forgetting vs. Remembering and Learning Styles
Why do we forget? How does memory work? Discover effective techniques to retain information learned. Find out your learning style(s) to enhance your academic experience.

Managing Test Anxiety/Test Taking Strategies
Is test anxiety a barrier to your academic success? Learn tips for coping with test anxiety. How good are you at taking short answer, multiple choice and essay exams? How could you avoid making the same test taking mistakes and improve your grades?