Student Campus Parking

Please remember that parking lots 17, 19 and 20A, accessed via Webster Road, are reserved for faculty and staff parking ONLY.  This week’s traffic jams were largely the result of too many vehicles attempting to access these parking lots.

To facilitate the flow of traffic around campus, please search for parking in the appropriately designated lots.  The University added 566 parking spaces to the inventory this fall and there are adequate spaces to accommodate all students in campus lots and decks.

Where’s the parking?

Students should park in designated parking lots according to permit regulations.  

Please review the map below (includes a link to a printable version) that illustrates designated commuter and resident student parking.  Please note that all parking lots designated only for students are on the NORTH end of campus.

Everyone’s cooperation will help improve traffic flow for cars and shuttle buses.  We appreciate your patience and attention to regulations during these opening days of the fall semester.

Student Parking Map


[Link for printable version of the map]