CWE Fall Workshop Series

The Center for Writing Excellence will provide a series of workshops during fall semester.
The same workshop will be offered twice each week, with topics changing weekly.
Workshops are thirty minutes long and do not require advance preparation.

Join us every Wednesday at 3p.m. in the CWE. We are located in Sprague Library, on the main floor, in the far right corner of the Reference area.

For more information,
Email: cwe@
Call:    973.655.7442


Brainstorming/Getting Started
9/14  Wednesday  3pm
9/15  Thursday     11:30am

Developing an Argument
9/21  Wednesday  3pm
9/22   Thursday    1pm

Doing Efficient Research
9/28  Wednesday  3pm
9/29   Thursday    2:30pm

10/5  Wednesday  3pm
10/6   Thursday    4pm

Grammar: Subject/Verb Agreement
10/12  Wednesday  3pm
10/13   Thursday    5:30pm

MLA Style
10/19  Wednesday  3pm
10/20   Thursday    11:30am

APA Style
10/26  Wednesday  3pm
10/27   Thursday    1pm

Chicago Style
11/2  Wednesday   3pm
11/3   Thursday     2:30pm

Grammar: Fragments/Run-ons
11/9    Wednesday  3pm
11/10   Thursday    4pm

11/16  Wednesday  3pm
11/17   Thursday    5:30pm