Parking Strategies -- Beginning of the Fall Semester

Commuter Students:
During the first part of each fall semester, the number of vehicles on campus is far greater than at any other time during the academic year.  Of course, this results in parking and traffic challenges - which many of you are either witnessing or personally encountering.  A few points of information that I hope you will find useful:
  • We monitor parking lots to determine where vacancies exist.  We are finding that the CarParc Diem Deck and the general (commuter) surface lots in that vicinity of the campus generally fill between 9 and 10 a.m., and don't become available again until early afternoon.  Again, this is due to the higher than normal volume of vehicles on campus during the early part of the fall semester.  Therefore, if you are not able to arrive to campus until mid-morning, please be aware that you - and many others - will be vying for the same few remaining parking spaces in this part of the campus.
  •  We are also finding that Lot 60, located on Carlisle Road beyond the Village at Little Falls, has a surplus of available parking throughout each day.   If you are not able to arrive to campus until mid-morning, it is advisable during this initial busy time period to drive directly to Lot 60, park, and catch a shuttle bus.  Note: Although the sign at Lot 60 indicates that it accommodates Zone 3 permit holders only, we will not ticket students who have a "CS" hangtag during this time period.  A parking map can found at:
  • We post parking- and transportation-related updates to the MSU Facebook and Twitter social networking sites.  If you are a user of social media, you might find the updates to be helpful.
  • We are working with 90.3 FM (WMSC) so that informational updates on parking and transportation can be shared regularly on their airwaves.
  • Some of you are under the impression that a commuter ("CS") hangtag is for use in the CarParc Diem Deck only.  In actuality, the "CS" permit can be used in all general lots and CarParc Diem.  (Also, as referenced above, the "CS" can also be used in Lot 60 during the current busy time period.)
I hope that this information is helpful to you.  Please be patient -- history tells us that the parking and traffic issues that all of us are encountering will dissipate.

Thank you and best wishes for a successful semester!

Timothy Carey
Associate Vice President
Facilities Services