President's September Greeting

New Policies and Initiatives

Dear Emeritus/Emerita,

Sadly Agnes O'Connell, the founder and first President of the Emeriti, passed away in June of this year.  Without her initiative, organizing ability, and total devotion there would be no Emeriti Association.  As the new President, I can only promise to do my best to continue the work Agnes has so well begun.  I know that I can count on your ongoing support.  My first task as the new President was to choose a Vice-President and with the support of the Executive Committee  Peter Macaluso, Professor Emeritus of History, graciously agreed to serve as Vice-President of our Association.

At this point I would like to describe the work of the officers of the Association who form the Executive Committee.  Rosemarie McCauley (Information and Decision Sciences) is the Recording/Corresponding Secretary.  It is thanks to her that you are receiving this letter, General Meeting and Program announcements, and other Association correspondence.   Tim Sullivan (Exercise Science and Physical Education) is the Association Treasurer and works closely with the MSU Foundation to handle our finances.  Tim also created and manages a Membership Database which is indispensable in enabling the Association to communicate with the members.  Ree Arnold (Exercise Science and Physical Education), an Office-at-Large, works closely with Tim in handling the day to day communication with the members especially with regard to the payment of the Association dues.  University and Public relations are very capably handled by Maria Schantz (Reading and Education Media), another Officer-at-Large, and Peter Macaluso, our new Vice-President, has been the Association Archivist since its inception.

At the August meeting of the Executive Committee it was decided to follow the example of our sister organization, the Retirees Group, and to consider all emeriti to belong to the Emeriti Association.  We had already taken a preliminary step in this direction by granting free membership in the Association for one year to all recently retired professors honored by the Board of Trustees with the title of Emeritus/Emerita.  Consequently all emeriti from now on will be invited to our meetings and receive news of our activities.  Of course only dues-paying members will be eligible to vote in our elections and to serve as officers of the Association, but we believe that the quality of the Association's activities will lead more and more of our emeriti colleagues to become active members.

In this connection let me urge you to attend the October 16th meeting in the brand new Hall of Fame Room in the recently renovated Panzer Gymnasium.  As you have already seen in the Save the Date announcement the complimentary luncheon will be followed by a performance of the National Chamber Choir of Ireland.  The meeting is on a Sunday; so parking in the Red Hawk Parking Garage adjacent to Kasser will be no problem.

You should also know that the Association is discussing with the Administration additional privileges and courtesies that we ought to enjoy.

1.  That Emeriti be invited to participate in the University Commencements and be recognized along with the Faculty.

2.  That documents from the Provost’s office that are given to all new Emeriti listing their rights and privileges also contain reference to the Emeriti Association, its website and the fact that all new Emeriti do not pay dues in the first year of membership.

3.  That the Provost’s Office notify the Association when retired faculty are awarded Emeriti Status by the Board of Trustees.

4.  That Emeriti be invited to participate in College and School Convocations, special events and end-of-semester parties.

4.  That there be someone in the Administration (whether in the Foundation or Provost’s office) appointed to serve as a liaison between the Emeriti Association and the University.

Since we teachers believe that the year begins in September, let me wish you a very happy new year.  I hope to see you at our events.


Dave Kelly, President