Campus Recreation Choices!

Choices at Campus Recreation

You made a choice to pick Montclair State University as your place of higher education. If you are a freshman resident, you made a choice between living in Bohn or the Heights. You chose for the most part what classes to take, what professors you wanted and the amount of swipes on your meal plan. There is really no way to escape making choices at college, and here at Montclair State, there are choices abound. A huge part of the college experience is making the right choices, or making wrong ones and then learning and rowing from the experience.
When most people think of “Campus Recreation” what pops into their head most often are images of muscle-men lifting weights or people running on treadmills. While yes, that is essentially what Campus Rec is most closely identified by, you’d be surprised to know that the building offers a ton more activities and resources, some that aren’t even remotely related to fitness at all.
Let’s now answer a common question asked to me and my colleagues as we promote the Recreation Center.
I’m not athletic at all. Why should I bother coming to the Rec center?
This is  a question that we get a lot, believe it or not. One of the main goals of Montclair State University’s campus recreation this year is to promote Choices of Health, Wellness and Fun.
Keeping healthy in college can seem like a huge feat, but it is indeed possible. With over seventy pieces of modern and functioning cardio equipment, there is something for everyone to use in order to burn calories and break a sweat.
Group X classes are another way to keep healthy and have fun with a new group of friends. Some of the classes that Campus Recreation hosts are Zumba, Cycling, Body Pump and even Ballroom and Latin dance. You will be having so much fun that you won’t even remember that you’re exercising!
If I listed all of the Choices that Montclair State’s Campus Recreation has to offer, I would be here all day. So why don’t you come on down and see for yourself. I promise you will not regret it!