The Graduate Experience

New programs transform careers and lives

Photo: Mike Peters

Keeping the needs of students with careers and families in mind, Montclair State’s graduate programs offer flexible day, evening, and weekend courses, as well as hybrid online/classroom courses.

Graduate students often have careers, families and busy lives to manage. With so many responsibilities, pursuing additional education can be an arduous task./p>

Our mission at The Graduate School is to help these motivated students reach their full potential. Much has been written about the necessity of a graduate degree for a wide range of professional jobs—possibly upwards of 2.5 million in the United States alone. Montclair State serves a graduate population of 4,000 students in more than 100 degree, certificate, and certification programs, preparing them for success in the workplace as well as future educational opportunities and, always, informed participation in society.

The challenge in graduate education has been complicated by a tumultuous national and state economy. Here at Montclair State, we’ve learned to be responsive and nimble, offering innovative day, evening, and weekend courses including hybrid courses that combine online and face-to-face learning experiences.

We are continually reevaluating our programs to focus more tightly on our students’ needs. This, along with academic rigor, is an essential component of a graduate experience appropriate to one of the premier comprehensive universities of our region.

We are enormously proud of the scholarly work conducted by our faculty. Each year, we publish a brochure listing the books they have written, another on scholarly articles that have appeared in peer-reviewed journals, and yet another containing all of the grants our faculty have received for their work. It is an impressive collection.

A signature aspect of the graduate experience at Montclair State is the mentoring relationship between faculty and students—what we call the faculty-student-scholar connection. Graduate students, and in some cases undergraduates, work side by side with faculty on their research.

Our graduate programs support both scholarly interests and professional advancement opportunities, offering a variety of concentrations or specializations within degree programs, targeted to the needs of our students, and to the evolving dynamics related to professional opportunity. We expect students to leave Montclair State prepared to assume leadership roles in a variety of professional settings. In this sense, the graduate educational experience provided at Montclair State is, and should be, transformative. We are gratified that so many graduates have met—and exceeded—our expectations.