General Meeting October 16, 2011

Spectacular Irish Choir

In the Hall of Fame Room

The Emeriti Association held its Fall General Meeting on Sunday, October 16th in the Athletic Hall of Fame Room in the recently renovated Panzer Gym.  Before the meeting began the attendees enjoyed seeing how the various plaques and photos in the room commemorated athletes they had taught during their time at the University.  They were sometimes surprised to learn that some of their colleagues had been outstanding athletes during their college years.  After a delicious buffet luncheon furnished by Sodexo the formal meeting began with the approval of the minutes of the April General Meeting. 

Tribute to Agnes O'Connell, Founder and First President of the Association 

The first item on this meeting was a well deserved tribute to the late Agnes O'Connell, the founder and first President of the Emeriti Association.  David Kelly described how a visit to the UCLA Emeriti Center had inspired Agnes to work to establish a similar Association here at Montclair State and how she worked tirelessly to bring that wish to fruition.   She was President for three years and saw the Association grow and prosper.  Even in her final illness any news about the Association would bring a smile to her face.  Peter Macaluso remembered Agnes as a focused and spirited leader.  Rosemarie McCauley, who had not known Agnes before becoming Recording/Corrssponding Secretary, viewed her passing as the loss of a friend.


David Kelly in the President's Report described (1) the ongoing efforts of the Association to increase its presence and recognition in University functions such as Commencement and (2) how all new emeriti should be made aware of the Emeriti Association and its website.   The Treasurer's Report by Tim Sullivan indicated that the financial situation of the Association is excellent.  Ree Arnold, Membership Chair, pointed out that she had welcomed the four new Emeriti appointed this year by the Board of Trustees, Carl Bredlau, Dorothy Deremer, Suresh Desai, and David Weischadle, to the Association.  She and Rosemarie McCauley along with Tim Sullivan are working diligently to insure that the Emeriti Access Database, so essential to our electronic emailing, is up to date.  Peter Macaluso, the Association Archivist, described his efforts to maintain the Association records.  The ongoing communication with Bergen County Community College was described by Maria Schanz, Chair of the University/Public Relations Committee.  The results of this cooperation will be described in a separate article in the News and Events section of the website.

New Business

Since 1998 only 33 retiring professors have been granted emeritus/emerita status.  Many professors are unaware of the process by which they can receive this honor.  Basically the individual retiring prepares a request which goes first to the Department Chair, then to the Dean, the Provost, and the President.  If aproved at every step, the Board of Trustees makes the final decision.  The criteria for the awarding of emeriti status are currently unclear, and one of the tasks of our Association will be to bring consistency into the process.

Mary Ann Macaluso suggested that to increase attendance at emeriti functions members should be encouraged to bring guests who would enjoy the entertainment part of the meeting.  Some discussion then ensued about the spring meeting, and there was a consensus that the members of the Association would enjoy a tour of the recently done over Yogi Berra Museum followed by lunch and a tour of the new buildings on campus.

After the meeting adjourned, most of the attendees walked over to the Kasser Theatre for the performance of the National Choir of Ireland.

The National Choir of Ireland's Performance

Many stories have been born from the mists of Irish mythology.  None, however, can match the epic tale of St. Patrick’s encounter with Cailte and Oisin, the last of Finn macCumaill’s legendary band of warriors.  The grand saga, the Acallam na Senorach:  “An Irish Colloquy,” intertwines the ancient lore and the new religion, creating a new and lasting vision for Ireland.  The tale was adapted into an hour-long English-language music and vocal piece by composer Tarik O’Regan.

The magnificent National Chamber Choir of Ireland, the flagship choral ensemble of the Emerald Isle. performed this area premiere under the artistic directorship of multiple award-winning choral conductor Paul Hillier.  The choir is internationally renowned for its unique approach, its vocal strength and its dedication to the promotion of new works.