Strategic Plan


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November 9, 2011


I'm pleased to announce that the University's new Strategic Plan, CONNECTING TO TOMORROW: VISION, CREATIVITY, ADAPTABILITY, was approved by the Board of Trustees at its recent meeting.  This marks the successful end of an extensive stage of conversation, consultation, and review of plan drafts from all units of the University.  Now we turn to the realization of those intentions, challenges and dreams to which this shared Plan calls us.

I want to thank all the division, departmental, and college committees who spent the time to do their SWOT analyses and brainstorm together in formulation of their unit plans;  thanks also to the members of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee who sorted through multiple formulations, debated the merits of many potential benchmark institutions, and prepared our first draft of goals;  and thanks to the Graduate Council, the University Senate, the Deans Council, the Executive Council and the many individuals who reviewed and commented on the circulated drafts.

The full text is now available at the following link:
In the near future published versions of the plan will be available for circulation and ready reference as needed.  Thanks again to all those who contributed to this essential process and its outcome which will serve to guide our priorities for years into the challenging future.