More Grant Awards

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November 3, 2011


Since I sent out my notice of new grant awards on October 5, I've learned we missed quite a few of those prepared through the Development Office.  Those awards are all detailed in the attached EXCEL file.

In addition to those listed in this attached report, the following also must be added to the total:

Edward V. Chapel, Carolyn Ortega and Jeff Giacobbe, of the Division of Information Technology, have been awarded a 5-year grant valued at $1,027,000 from the CampusEAI Consortium for the development of an Enterprise Portal for the campus which will be incorporated into the new OneMontclair university enterprise system.

Rita Jacobs, Department of English, CHSS, received a $3000 grant from the Terhune Foundation to sponsor a series of journalism lectures. 

Bryan Murdock, Service Learning, RAUL, has been awarded an additional $200,000 for the second year of the EECO AmeriCorps grant for AY 2011-12.

Congratulations are also in order to the team of Mark Heimerdinger and Nancy Masterson-Newkirk who support this outreach to foundations and corporations.  I also want to acknowledge the hard work of Megan Delaney,  the Grants Coordinator for CEHS, who prepares CEHS proposals for review and submission through ORSP.

With these additional awards the total for the six months since May is now $6,004,904 or $7,714,310 if we include the total of the two 5-year awards.  With this base we are well on the way to establishing another one-year record for external funding awards.