MSU Emeriti Association a Model

Bergen County Community College

Lois Sullivan of BCCC Thanking the MSU Emeriti Association at their Recent General Meeting

MSU Emeriti Association a Model

Bergen County Community College, the largest Community College in New Jersey, is planning to develop an Emeriti Association on the Model of the Montclair State University Emeriti Association.  There has always been a close relationship between the two institutions; two of Montclair's Emeriti, Al Rosetti and Rosemarie McCauley have served over the years as curriculum advisers and members of various advisory boards. 

Maria Schantz, who was a member of the Founding Committee of the MSU Emeriti Association, was instrumental in establishing this new connection between the two institutions through her sister, Lois Sullivan, a Professor Emerita of BCCC.  Professor Sullivan approached the President of BCCC, Jose Adames, with the concept of establishing an Association of the Emeriti of the College on the MSU model.  President Adames was enthusiastic in supporting the idea.  Our Association was then  asked if we would share with BCCC our successful forty-one page proposal which had been submitted to Dick Lynde, Provost at that time, and which resulted with the MSU Emeriti Association being given official status and placed under the aegis of the University Provost.  David Kelly, MSUEA President, was delighted to forward a copy of the proposal to Professor Sullivan.  This document was then welcomed by President Adames and will become the model for the BCCC Emeriti Association. 

At a special luncheon in October the implementation of the project was officially begun.
Professor Sullivan attended the October 16th General Meeting of the MSU Emeriti Association and expressed her appreciation for the encouragement and support that Montclair State has rendered to Bergen County Community College in its desire to establish an Emeriti Association.