Meal Plan Changes Sign-up

Meal Plans - Spring 2006

If you are happy with your current meal plan, read no further. Your meal plan will be the same for Spring 2006.


If you wish to change your plan, please follow the instructions below and recognize the deadline to submit all changes is November 30TH!

Go to the MSU web site (, print off a change form and fax or drop it off to the Meal Plan Office.

Please note:

  • Meal Plan balances do not roll over to the Spring Semester. Flex Dollar balances will carry over to your spring semester meal plan.
  • If you reside in Blanton, Bohn, Freeman, Webster, Stone, or Russ, you must choose one of the six resident meal plans offered.
  • Students residing in the Wellesley Hotel must have a meal plan. All options are available, but one must be selected.
  • Village, Clove, and Commuters are not required to have a meal plan but if you wish, you may enroll in a plan at any time.
  • If a change to your meal plan is made after November 15, you must go to WESS and print an updated tuition bill. ALL changes must be completed by November 30th.

The Meal Plan Office is located in the Student Center, Cafe C