Cooking with Chef Ken

Montclair State University’s executive chef Ken Fredericks hosted a cooking demonstration recently in Dinallo Heights for an eager group of students looking for food preparation tips and, if they were lucky, a sample or two!  

Fredericks, who is looking forward to hosting more cooking demos, enjoys meeting with students and talking to them about healthy food choices and cooking techniques. “Our youth need to understand how to make food from scratch and learn how to cook for themselves,” he said.  

As the chef prepared a meal of broccoli with Roma tomatoes, shallots, and garlic; basmati rice pilaf; and marinated chicken breasts sautéed with lime and jalapenos; he discussed making smart food choices and being an educated consumer. Some of his tips included how to shop at a supermarket (the outside aisles), the importance of reading labels, not being afraid to experiment in the kitchen with flavors you like, eating lots of different colors of vegetables, and the differences between oils and fats.

“My hope is that the students get some life skills out of this,” Fredericks said. Not to mention, a good meal!

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