Behind the Screen: Media Careers 101

Media Professionals Participate on Panels to Educate Students on Careers in Film, Television, and Media Industries

The Montclair International Film Festival (MIFF) and Montclair State University will present a unique new program for high school and college students interested in learning about jobs in the film, television, and media industries. Behind The Screen: Media Careers 101 is a day-long series of panels made up of working professionals who will describe their jobs, provide insight into the skills needed for those professions and the paths that they took to achieve them.

The panels are FREE to all students with an ID and will take place on Saturday, December 3 in University Hall Room 1070 on the campus of Montclair State University.

The seminars will include:
•    Content Creation: Writers and directors talk about how ideas become scripts.
•    Producing and Directing: Making your project come to life! Finding funding, crew, services, and everything else.
•    Animation: Hear about the artistic and technical elements in traditional and computer animation with the creators and producers of Dora the Explorer, The Wonder Pets!, and others.
•    Working as an Actor: Getting yourself in front of the camera.
•    Setting The Scene: Cinematographers, Production Designers, and Art Directors from major films and TV shows like Pan Am and CSI discuss creating the look that tells the story.
•    Putting it all Together: Editors, Composers, Graphic Artists, and others talk about telling the story in post-production and beyond.
•    Finding an Audience: Major film and Internet distributors discuss what it takes to get your project seen by audiences!

For more information on Behind the Screen, the schedule of panels, and registration information, please go to