Spring 2012 Parking Registration Information

This message is intended for students who currently are not registered with Parking Services or those wish to renew their Red Hawk Deck Semester Only permit that will expire on 12/31/2011.  If you have already purchased an annual parking permit, you can ignore this message.

I am pleased to provide you with information relative to the Parking Registration process for the Spring 2012 semester.  Please take time to review the Spring 2012 Permit Registration Schedule.  When you are ready to buy your permit, you can log on to the FLEX website to make your purchase.

Commuter Student Parking
  • The University currently has General (yellow) Commuter Student Permits and Zone 3 (Lot 60) Parking Permits available.
  • There are a limited number of Red Hawk Deck permits available for Commuting Junior, Senior and Graduate students.

Resident Student Parking

  • The University currently has Zone 2 permits available for sale. All eligible resident students who wish to purchase a surface lot permit may purchase a Zone 2 permit. (For the Spring semester, we will be offering resident permits to Sophomore, Junior, Senior and Graduate students on a first come, first serve basis.)
  • There are a limited number of Red Hawk Deck permits available for sale to Junior, Senior and Graduate students living in Freeman Hall, Russ Hall, Bohn Hall and The Heights.
If you are a graduating in December 2011, and wish to receive a refund for your parking permit, please bring proof of graduation to the Parking Office to receive your 50% refund.

It is the responsibility of all students who procure a parking permit to read and agree to the Parking Polices and Procedures document (see the link - and other important links - below).

I hope that this e-mail has been helpful to you.  If, after reading it and visiting the links noted above, you have additional questions, I ask that you e-mail us at parking@mail.montclair.edu  We will respond promptly to all questions.


Timothy Carey
Associate Vice President
Facilities Services