Director to Host Documentary on Klezmer Music 6/9/06

Director Yale Strom will introduce his film, "A Man from Munkacs: Gypsy Klezmer" and give a demonstration with live musical examples. Sponsored by Montclair State University’s Global Education Center as part of their Forum on International Issues, this event will be held Thursday February 9 at 7 p.m. in McEachern Recital Hall.

The film, directed by Yale Strom, explores the symbiotic relationship between the Rom and Jews who lived together in the Carpathian region before and after World War Two. Prior to the Holocaust, the klezmer musicians at Jewish celebration were frequently not Jews but Rom, some of whom spoke Yiddish fluently. The film examines how this persecuted group, the Rom, saved Jewish folk music until it could be returned to the Jews, allowing the rebirth of Jewish music in Hungary. The film, which is 58 min. long, was produced by Duna TV (Hungary) and Starcrest Films (Frankfurt, Germany).

For further information contact the Global Education Center at 973-655-4185 or This event is free and open to the public.