Updated Persons with Disabilities (PWD) Shuttle Pick-up/Drop-off Policy

Please be advised that effective Tuesday, January 3, 2012, bollards were placed in locations around the campus to prohibit regular vehicular access to the core of the campus.  The installation of the bollards is designed to preserve the safety of the thousands of pedestrians traversing through the campus core each day.  (The location of the bollards is noted via red asterisks on the attached campus map.)

The bollard installation project also means that the PWD shuttles will only be able to drive to bollard locations - not to the front door of particular buildings.  Hence, those students and staff members who utilize the PWD shuttle will need to indicate the bollard location at which they would like to be dropped off.  ADA compliant pathways exist from each bollard location to the campus' buildings. 

A few examples for bollard drop-off locations are:

Historic Drop-Off Location
Options for Bollard Drop-Off Location Beginning 1/3/12
University Hall
No change - the bollard location at U-Hall will be utilized.
Calcia Hall
University Hall bollards or Broadcasting Bldg. bollard location.
Broadcasting Bldg. bollards location or U-Hall bollard location.

Questions should be directed to The Disability Resource Center (for students) and the Office of Employee Benefits (for faculty/staff).