Changes to Printing Services in the Computer Laboratories

I am pleased to inform you of significant changes to the printing services available to you in the University’s computing laboratories beginning with the start of classes on January 17, 2012. These new printing services were designed with your needs in mind. In consultation with student leaders and peer institutions throughout the country, we have implemented a printing management software application that will provide you with a more flexible, efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly approach to printing using our University facilities.

The new application, called PaperCut, enables you to submit print jobs from anywhere on campus using your own computer or other network ready device using an Internet-based application. It also provides a personalized meter that allows you to monitor the number of pages you are printing, manage the print jobs you have queued up to print and to track the environmental impact of your printing activity with a carbon footprint metering application.

How Does The Program Work?

Each fall/spring term, all active students are given 800 single-sided or 1,142 double sided pages to print. This allocation translates into a $40 dollar printing cost equivalent. Note, the printed pages allowance was determined from studies of well established printing programs at other colleges and universities similar to Montclair State University and it is the highest printing allowance in the State of New Jersey.

How will your first visit to the Public/Teaching Computing Lab going to be different?

You will log into the lab computers in the same way you always have. When it is time to print, however, you will be asked to enter your NetID and password again to activate your PaperCut print services account. This additional authentication step will add increased security to ensure that the print jobs related to your account have been authorized by you.  A print allowance balance will be visible on the PaperCut popup window each time you log in. 

In order to preview PaperCut in action, please view the video at the link below: 

For more information about printing in our University labs, please visit:


·         Choose double-sided (duplex) printing whenever possible. It increases your printed page allowance by 43%!

·         Avoid unwanted prints…. Always check your print job with the “print preview” function before printing. It gives you an accurate view of how your printed pages will look before you actually print them.

·         When printing PowerPoint slide shows always select the “handout” option. This will give you multiple slides on a single page. (Additional tip: handout plus double sided printing stretches your printing allocation even further!)

·         When doing research, rather than printing, save your materials to a flash drive, by emailing it to yourself or by using one of the many free Internet storage services available.

·         Be Patient…. Print jobs often take awhile to prepare before actually printing. Don’t hit the print command multiple times for you will then accumulate unwanted copies of the same material.

·         When printing study guides or class notes reduce margins and font sizes to conserve printed page counts.

·         THINK BEFORE YOU PRINT!!! – Always ask yourself if you truly need to print an item, be it an email, a webpage or an article. Remember you always have the option to save it on line and retrieve it when needed.