Statement on Anti-bias

The University’s statement on Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action & Diversity states “Montclair State University is a vibrant community that is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is inclusive, free of discrimination, bullying, or harassment, and is welcoming to persons from all racial, ethnic, social, and cultural backgrounds. The University community is enriched by the diversity of thought, background and experiences of its employees and students, and it is vital to our overall success, growth, and image that everyone is treated with dignity, acceptance, and mutual respect. To this end, behavior that violates the civil and statutory rights of any individual or group, or interferes with any individual or group’s ability to benefit from, or contribute to, the employment, educational, and/or cultural opportunities provided by the University constitutes a violation of University policy and will not be tolerated.”

Recent bias incidents directed toward the LGBT members of our campus community are a clear violation of the University’s policies and does not reflect the spirit of respect and acceptance that we have for all members of the campus community. We are encouraged that the deeply disturbing threat of these incidents has resulted in a strong showing of support by our entire campus community.   The President’s Commission stands in complete support of the University’s commitment to create and foster a working and learning environment that is non-discriminatory, and that assures the fair and equitable treatment of all employees and students. Each member of our community has the right to an environment that allows for personal and professional opportunity for success, in an atmosphere of civility and safety.

The Commission stands in solidarity with our community LGBT members as we work together to promote and support an environment of inclusivity, civility, and safety for all.  We also state our gratitude for the representation the LGBT community provides to the Commission through the Gay, Lesbian Faculty and Staff Association (GLFSA) and the SPECTRUMS student organization.
February 2, 2012