A Message from the President

January 31, 2012

To Members of the Montclair State University Community:

As I said in a message to the University community last November, Montclair State University is a vibrant community that is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is inclusive, free of discrimination, bullying or harassment, and is welcoming to persons from all racial, ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. It is vital to our overall success and to our purposes as an institution that we strive, as a community, to treat each other with dignity, acceptance, and mutual respect.

It is, therefore, with great disappointment that I communicate the following information to you, and I know that the vast majority of you will share my disappointment. Unfortunately, from time to time, there are a small number of misguided individuals among us who do not appreciate the values and principles that form the basis of this University community. One of those times is now.

On January 26th, the words, “Die Fags,” were written in marker on the wall adjacent to room 104K in the Student Center CSI complex. On January 27th, a written note with the words, “you will die soon Faggots,” was reported to have been left under the door of room 104K. And, on January 30th, the words, “Fags will die on 2/7,” was written on the wall of the first floor women’s restroom near the Rathskellar.

These actions are grossly unacceptable in our community and a clear violation of University policies, as well as the basic tenets of human decency. A bias incident is a criminal act, and anybody found responsible for such actions will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I would strongly urge any person with information related to these incidents to contact the University Police at (973) 655-5222, or the Confidential Tips Line at 973-655-8477, or utilize the Hawk Eyewitness Etip via text message to 67283 from any cell phone. The University Police immediately launched an investigation into these incidents, and the Bias Response Team has been appropriately alerted.

To anyone who may have been offended or unsettled by these messages, I want you to know that you belong to a community that does not condone the type of behavior represented by the incidents noted above and that does not share in its sentiments. If there is anyone who would like to have someone to talk to, you are very welcome to be in touch with Dean of Students Rosemary Howell, in Student Center room 400, ext. 4118.


President Cole