Student Spotlight: Holly Timme

Master of Science in Mathematics

Holly Timme

Graduate school and the Master of Science in Mathematics has afforded me the opportunities to travel and study with leading mathematicians from all over the country. At Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, I modeled the rotational groups of polyhedron with the Japanese art of paper-folding, origami, with John Boller. I celebrated the work of Jerry Gollub at the Nonlinear Dynamics and Fluid Instabilities Conference at Haverford College near Philadelphia, PA. He has advised many undergraduate and graduate students in experimental physics. I completed an intense online graduate mathematics course in differential geometry with Dr. Min Ru at the University of Houston. While studying at Princeton University this summer, I had tea every day with Nobel Laureate in Economics Sciences, John Nash, and a leading figure in harmonic analysis, Eli Stein. These role models, from all over the country, and the professors that I've had at Montclair State University, inspire me to make significant contributions to the field as a professional mathematician.

This summer, I was accepted to the National Science Foundation Research Training Group in Geometry and Analysis at Princeton University. This experience prepared me to do high level research on problems that require interactions between various areas of Geometry and Analysis with relevance to mathematical physics and other applications. I visited the National Archives and Records Administration with Larry Howe, the Mathematics Chair at Rowan University. We are researching the first 26 female "computers" trained by the U.S. Army Ordnance Corps who calibrated the Bush Differential Analyzer at Aberdeen Proving Ground during World War II. So far, the documents we uncovered reveal the historical role of women in mathematics towards developing and improving military technology. Another trip to the National Archives in Philadelphia is planned to confirm their employment status at the army's facility. In service to the mathematical community, I recently chaired the Dynamics session at the Women in Mathematics Conference at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts.


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