Sheryl Cohn '75 MA

Dr. Sheryl Cohn ’75 MA is the author of the book The Boy in the Suitcase, Holocaust Family Stories of Survival, a compilation of stories about families throughout the world who have been affected by the Holocaust. Cohn, who received her master’s in Educational Psychology, is in the process of transitioning from ten years in the education field and making her return to psychology.

Cohn, who currently resides in Florida, took some time to reflect on her experience at Montclair State University and how it has influenced her career.  “At the time, it was called Montclair College. It was terrific. I was living in New Jersey and commuting to school. I got an assistantship and was teaching in the Psych Department.” In the beginning, Cohn taught undergraduate courses but by her second year, she was teaching Developmental Psychology at the graduate level.

“I’ve seen the growth,” Cohn notes about the development of Montclair State since her time here. She says she is “grateful” and notes, “I certainly will not forget MSU.” She also says “I still wear my sweater – it says Montclair College.” Cohn is busy promoting her new book, but hopes to visit the campus soon. “I’d love an excuse to come up and wear my sweater!”