Alumni Spotlight: Melissa Sak '12, MAT

Melissa Sak

After enrolling in Dr. Nicosia’s Young Adult Literature (YAL) class last year, I witnessed the implicit connection between enjoying YAL for pleasure as a teenager and critically analyzing it as an adult. I am receiving my Master of Arts in Teaching as well as my Teaching Certification in secondary level English. I have always loved YAL for its innocence, individuality, and ability to mirror young adults’ lives, and throughout my semester with Dr. Nicosia, I was able to expand that appreciation while applying literary theory. I am now working on a piece which I will be submitting to national literary scholastic journals such as ALAN (The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents) and The Lion and the Unicorn. I am a writer in my spare time, but I have never had the confidence to submit an academic piece. I have really grown so much during my time at MSU, which was a surprise to me, since I am thirty-three years old and I believed that my growing years were over. Just goes to show, there is always room for growth. Not only has an upcoming graduate degree allow me many more open doors in my life, it has allowed me to test my intellectual and academic range. After I graduated college, I did not think that I would attempt furthering my education. Now, I'm thinking about Post-Master's work. I like pushing myself to the edge and seeing how much I can accomplish, and I feel as though I have achieved that.


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