Ostrovsky Middle School Enjoys "Warm Winter" Trip to NJSOC

Although this school looks forward to a cold wintery trip to Skokes State Forest each February, they had to settle for a spring-like temperatures this year.

Ashley Schmid

Crossing Rainbow Bridge

This year from February 22nd to the 24th, the New Jersey School of Conservation hosted the 7th Graders from Gretta R. Ostrovsky Middle School in Wood Ridge, NJ.  During their three-day trip to learn about the natural environment, they stayed in the dormitory-style "Lenape Lodge" on the shores of Lake Wapalanne. On their first day, everyone worked together during their Action Socialization Experience (ASE).  The ASE’s are designed to encourage effective communication and listening skills, and require teamwork to be successful. The students had a great time and learned how to cooperate with each other while solving each individual challenge.

Instead of the winter weather that they are accustom to experiencing when they visit our campus each February, returning teachers were pleasantly surprised by warmer temperatures.  Although this meant they would not be skiing, skating, ice fishing and other winter activities, they enjoyed a number of other ‘warm weather’ activities.

Throughout the week students participated in exciting activities including the Climbing Wall, Confidence Course, Conservation Photography, Forest Resources and Papermaking, Black Bear Ecology, Early American Woodworking, and New Games.  In the evening, they enjoyed an amazing birds of prey presentation, a roaring campfire, and a foot-stomping square dance! 

The Ostrovsky program coordinator, Mr. Pete Forman, has been organizing trips to the School of Conservation for over 15 years and oversees this wonderful educational program.  Everyone at NJSOC enjoyed hosting the Ostrovsky students and teachers during an unseasonably warm February week!