Welcome Back Jersey City Joint Activities

Jersey City students return to the School of Conservation

Lindsay Harrington

Mr. Myers explains New Games

On March 14, 2012, Jersey City Joint Activities returned to the School of Conservation with a new group of enthusiastic students and coordinator Mr. Eric Black.  Mr. Black has been attending programs here at the NJSOC for many years and believes that this program is a great opportunity for the students of Jersey City to learn about the natural environment. The Joint Activities program focuses on environmental education, and brings together students of all backgrounds from Jersey City Schools. Throughout the year, students have the opportunity to participate in field trips, one of which to the NJ School of Conservation. The field trips help students understand the natural environmental while fostering better relationships with other students who come from a wide variety of cultural backgrounds in their community.

Buses arrived on beautiful warm morning and students were eager to begin their activities.  In order to familiarize students with their peers and the campus, students participated in ASE’s or Action Socialization Experiences. These activities are designed to help students foster better communication skills, discover their strengths and weakness, and learn how to work effectively with their classmates. Students often start off these activities with apprehension but begin to feel at ease with their peers as the session moves forward. The activities are rewarding and fun!

Jersey City students also enjoyed a wide variety of environmentally based sessions while attending the NJSOC. On this trip these courses included black bear ecology, woodworking, conservation photography, and orienteering. Joint Activities is one of the first groups to try out our new and improved woodworking class. The woodworking class focuses on the historical and environmental aspects of wood working and gives students the opportunity to use old-fashion tools and equipment to create their own wood-working project. Students also participated in the orienteering which focuses on learning compass and map skills. Orienteering allows students to use compasses to navigate around the campus. Students take the lead while developing an important and essential outdoor skill.

Great weather and wonderful students made this trip terrific - Thank you, Jersey City for another fantastic visit!