Stone Bridge Students visit NJSOC

Upper Freehold sends the 7th graders from the Stone Bridge School to Stokes State Forest to learn about the environment

Jenna Gersie

Students pick important items during the Survival Class

From March 19th through the 21st, Stone Bridge Middle School visited the New Jersey School of Conservation in two waves.  Half of the seventh graders visited NJSOC from Monday to Tuesday, and the other half visited from Tuesday to Wednesday.  With outdoor classes in Water Ecology, Beaver Ecology, Early American Woodworking, Archery, Boating, Survival, Confidence Course, Climbing Wall, Stone Bridge had a busy and diverse schedule of activities during their stay.

The group coordinator, Amy Hewitt, visited NJSOC as a seventh grader herself!  Now, as a teacher at Stone Bridge who has been serving as coordinator for the past eight years, Ms. Hewitt loves seeing her students in a different environment.  Hiking along the Big Flat Brook, through the forest, or to the old beaver pond is something that is new and exciting for the seventh graders.

 Luckily for Stone Bridge, the students were met with unexpectedly warm weather for mid-March.  The group was sure to hydrate with plenty of water, and extra layers were shed as the sun shone down on NJSOC’s campus.  Stone Bridge was the first group to begin boating on Lake Wapalanne as spring has finally arrived at NJSOC, and the painted turtles have been sunning themselves on a fallen red pine tree in the lake.  Ms. Hewitt commented: “I was very worried about coming in March, but it actually was the best weather we have had in years!”