University Launches New Strategic Plan

Connecting to Tomorrow is Montclair State’s road map to the future

The culmination of a two-year, campus-wide effort, Connecting to Tomorrow: The Montclair State University Strategic Plan sets a course for the University’s future success.

Spearheaded by Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Willard Gingerich, Connecting to Tomorrow was approved by the Board of Trustees in October of 2011. “We face the challenges of the next ten years knowing we have a successful record of turning obstacles into opportunities,” Gingerich says. “Working together and using Connecting to Tomorrow as our guide, we will move boldly forward in writing the next chapter of this great institution.”

The plan, which can be found in its entirety at, has five thematic goals:

1. Connecting Students with a Successful Tomorrow. Above all else, the University must prepare its students to be productive, enlightened, and engaged citizens of society. This goal is dependent on the existence of academic programs that conform to the highest disciplinary standards; set the highest expectations for students; and stimulate a level of intellectual curiosity that will help our graduates become lifelong learners.

2. Connecting People and Ideas. Montclair State University is the sum of its people and their ideas. The intellectual activity that characterizes our institution is dependent on the connections that form during the open exchange of information and those ideas. Of particular importance are the connections that yield new fields of inquiry and those that connect the University to the larger world.

3. Connecting to Place.We are committed to extending the University’s scholarly, technical, intellectual, professional, and cultural resources for the benefit of the communities we serve. As a national leader in civic engagement and cooperative education, the University will continue to demonstrate an ethic of community service for our students. We will also model environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices, working to reduce the University’s carbon footprint incrementally and continuously.

4. Connecting Globally. To meet the challenge of career success in a global community, we must provide an educational experience that enables students to internationalize their perspectives, develop the knowledge and skills to function effectively in a global milieu, and adapt to rapidly changing economic, social, and political landscapes.

5. Meeting Challenges and Opportunities on the Way to Tomorrow. Montclair State, like institutions of public higher education nationwide, faces a number of challenges as it looks toward the future. We will create, implement, and enhance plans to address issues such as the uncertainty of state support; maintaining accessibility to a high quality university education; providing ready access to new technologies; creatively adapting the uses of our academic and research spaces; providing a service-oriented campus culture; preserving and communicating Montclair State’s mission; and anticipating and responding to the needs of a rapidly changing world.