Judd Elementary School comes to NJSOC

North Brunswick Township Schools continue their long-time affiliation with Montclair Sate University

Samantha Mass

Students investigate an abandon black bear den

Judd students saw it all! With a wonderful mix of ecology and outdoor pursuits classes, Judd fifth graders experienced much of what The School of Conservation has to offer. Students enjoyed the opportunity to bring their classes outside and onto the trails. Said one student in Black Bear Ecology, “This is the best hike ever!”

Judd students flipped head-over heels out of our cargo net during group challenges and toured Lake Wapalanne during Boating. In Early-American Home Life, Judd continued their Stokes tradition of baking apple cobbler colonial-style, using a Dutch oven over an open fire! Students also experienced classes in Beaver Ecology, Metalsmithing, and Survival. Students even got a little silly, as they became giants, wizards, and elves in New Games.

We hope that Judd left with an appreciation for getting to know the plants, animals, and ecosystems that surround them and look forward to seeing them again next year!