Positive Changes Are Coming For Student Parking in 2012-13!

Parking Services has exciting improvements to share that will become effective this coming Fall semester:
  • All academic year (September 1 - May 31) resident and commuter student parking permit costs will be reduced by $25!
  • Sophomore Resident Students (those with 30 or more earned credits) will now be able to purchase a parking permit.  This is a significant change to the previous requirement that required students to wait until their junior year to bring their car to campus.
  • A resident permit will no longer confine you to one area of the campus.
    • All residents will be provided with a standard resident permit which will enable you to park in any residential lot on campus.
    • Resident students will be able to park in any commuter lot or in CarParc Diem on weekends (from Friday afternoon at 5 pm until Sunday evening at 11 p.m.).
  • Weekend Day Passes will be available next Fall!  "Pay-by-Phone" technology will enable your guests to pay for parking in certain lots.
  • A Car-Share Program is coming to campus this Fall!  You will be able to rent a car for short periods of time by visiting our website. 
  • Summer 2013 permit costs (June 1 - August 31, 2013) will be reduced by $50!
Visit our website, follow us on Twitter @MSUParking, and check your e-mail for these and other announcements - including Parking Permit registration which will begin on or around July 1.

Have a healthy and enjoyable summer!

MSU Parking Services