New BS in Exercise Science Program

The College of Education and Human Services is offering a new Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science.  

The Exercise Science degree prepares students for employment in a variety of health-or-fitness-related settings in corporate, clinical, commercial, community and private health clubs as well as health/fitness related sales positions, including those in the pharmaceutical industry. This concentration provides students with a strong scientific and practical knowledge-base, preparing them with competencies to not only instruct people, but to also design and implement fitness programs. 

The new program draws on the strengths of the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education and the College of Education and Human Services mission to prepare professionally competent leaders in exercise science by providing an interdisciplinary, scientifically-grounded academic and experiential program through which students will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities which will foster their developing professional goals. The program's objectives include:

  • Prepare exercise science practitioners with strong skills to perform accurate fitness assessments, including recognition of pathologic conditions that may warrant additional medical evaluations.
  • Prepare exercise science practitioners with strong planning skills to implement, evaluation, and sustain work-site health and fitness programs.
  • Prepare excise science practitioners who are committed to the furtherance of their discipline through critical thinking, research, and general inquiry to advance the standing of their profession.
  • Contribute to a diverse pool of exercise science professionals by developing and nurturing a diverse student body representing multiple cultural, educational, and professional backgrounds.
  • Collaborate with field-based professionals to improve public awareness of the benefits of making positive choices that advocate for healthy and active lifestyles.

The BS in Exercise Science is responsive to the health trends that have been identified by the Centers for Disease Control and is designed with a degree of flexibility that allows students interested in clinically-based careers to take pre-requisite courses that meet entrance requirements for graduate allied health programs like physical therapy, occupational therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, cardiac profusion, and physician’s assistant.

For more information, please contact the Department of Exercise Science and Physical Education at or visit the program web page at: