Smart Plays for Summer Sports

Liberty Mutual’s Responsible Sports program recognizes the importance of educating youth who participate in summer sports about conditioning, hydration, nutrition, equipment and injury prevention. Taking the following precautions will help protect their health and well-being.

  • Conditioning: Before participating in organized sports, it’s important to see a doctor for a complete physical examination to determine your child’s fitness level.
  • Hydration: Although they rarely think about it until they’re thirsty, young people need continuous fluid replacement before, during and after practice, games and competitions. Buy several re-usable water bottles, and make it a habit to give one to your children as they leave the house and when you pick them up after practice.
  • Nutrition: Children need three balanced meals and snacks in between to fuel their activities, even on days without practice or games.
  • Equipment: Protective gear—such as helmets, pads and face masks— should be worn as appropriate and be free of cracks, rips and tears.
  • Injuries: If you’re attending a practice or game, it’s smart to bring along your own first aid kit, since preoccupied coaches often forget. Also consider getting certified in CPR, as you never know what kind of health emergencies might arise.

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